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Broke Heart Blues

  by Joyce Carol Oates

(about 650 pages)
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clippings from this book

We’ve analyzed hundreds of millions of words, from thousands of different authors, training our linguistic models to recognize the most vivid words in the English language… the words that create the most intense sensory experiences: colors, textures, sounds, flavors, and aromas.

Based on our analysis, we’ve scanned through the pages of this book to find the two pages at the extremes, both the most-passive and the most-vivid pages, so that you can compare them side-by-side and see the difference:

on snow, he had to be wary cruisers, helicopters. In Big Moose, Raquette Lake, Lost Lake. was running low on gas for the second time. But kept going. Where? By now might have realized he couldn’t make it to the Canadian border. was our theory that John Reddy had been headed for Canada but this was a never to be confirmed since John Reddy would never confirm it, neither did he deny it. In later years some of us, turned skeptical, would wonder if John Reddy, with only a vague sense of geography, had even kriown was. Or, if he’d had a general idea, reasoning it must be north, would he have known he couldn’t have crossed for hundreds of miles since the St. Lawrence River was due north, a natural border, and there were into Canada and these, of course, were monitored by customs of ficials? He’d have had to drive farther north and east toward the border at Quebec where in a desolate snowy wilderness a wanted man might have crossed, on foot. In the Adirondack Mountains in winter there isn’t much even on larger roads. These John Reddy tried to avoid. But unpaved, roads led—where? Maybe his flight to Mount Nazarene wasn’t shrewd circuitous as some of us argued but haphazard, desperate. Maybe hadn’t known what the hell he was doing! He didn’t doubt he might be shot sight. He’d had encounters with cops in Niagara Falls. He’d seen the same movies we’d seen. He was crash diet of low-cal sodas, raw vegetables and canned tuna, and dry white wine, slimming down in less than a month from a size ten dress to a size six. Grandpa Heart took with his latest poker winnings, a cool $855, to purchase a new wardrobe and numerous pairs of shoes. We were mistaken for some lecherous old oilman and his youngest wife! what a hoot. “) With puttylike makeup of the kind the Vegas showgirls used she began to make her more exotic. Always she’d taken her healthy good looks for granted, bothering with moisturizer, foundation cream, eye makeup. Since high she’d been noticed by boys and men, often more noticed than could accommodate, but Grandpa Heart warned, “This is Vegas, girl. you’re not getting any younger.” Vegas was a challenge, all right, and Dahlia Heart meant to meet it. Johnny observed her covering her face with steaminghot cloths, plucking at her eyebrows, rubbing cream into her skin until it glowed. Rouging her cheeks, outlining her lips with a special to make them appear larger, more sensuous. Eyes like the iridescent-glittering “eyes” of peacockstails were painted on over Mommy’s own eyes, and appeared enlarged, shimmering with emotion. “What Dahliais, I intend, is some mysterious story not yet happened.” There was a season in Dahlia Heart wore exclusively black in the evenings, black silk, black satin, black chiffon, clinging black jersey and see-through black lace. There was a season in which Dahlia Heart wore exclusively red. “How doesDahlia

emotional story arc

Click anywhere on the chart to see the most significant emotional words — both positive & negative — from the corresponding section of the text…
This chart visualizes the the shifting emotional balance for the arc of this story, based on the emotional strength of the words in the prose, using techniques pioneered by the UVM Computational Story Lab. To create this story arc, we divided the complete manuscript text into 50 equal-sized chunks, each with 3248.94 words, and then we scored each section by counting the number of strongly-emotional words, both positive and negative. The bars in the chart move downward whenever there’s conflict and sadness, and they move upward when conflicts are resolved, or when the characters are happy and content. The size of each bar represents the positive or negative word-count of that section.

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